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Willem Fenengastraat 16a
1096 BN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 345 96 00
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General Conditions

Who are we?

Raúl&Rigel, formerly known as Jack Liberties is, an off-road, streetwise production agency. Raúl&Rigel creates and produces advertainment for advertisers, also in cooperation with other agencies.

Raúl&Rigel is famous for it’s off-road capacities, reliability and versatility. That is why we are the logical first choice of so many customers in the whole of Europe, for such a long period of time.

Whether the case is activation on the street, online or on mobile, Raúl&Rigel always produces with the streetwise mentality: nothing is impossible!

What do we offer?

Raúl&Rigel creates and produces one-of-a-kind streetwise stunts, but also has tons of experience in popular formats (like asphalt stickers, magnets, saddle covers, water stencils, video mapping, etc.) and new media (like personalized QR-codes, Augmented Reality, YouTube takeovers, letter bombings, etc.)

Eighty percent of our time is reserved for our customers. The rest of it is spent on the development of our own productions/media and on experimenting with new media technologies. This keeps us young and fresh, but most of all, it keeps us up to date of the latest developments in technology. The knowledge that is acquired in this manner, flows back directly to our clients.

Raúl&Rigel isn’t just a name; it’s FOCO! It is an anagram of the word guerrilla!

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a strategic, well considered, hold up campaign, which emerge on an unpredictable moment, in an original, relevant way and on the right moment by the right target group to arouse sympathy and an unforgettable WOW-effect for a brand, opinion, product or service.
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Are you filled with creativity? Then it's time for you to knock on the doors of Raúl&Rigel. Raúl&Rigel is an innovative guerrilla marketing company. We makes the impossible possible. Raúl&Rigel works for small and big brands. We are passionated professionals and we can always use more of them. So show us what you've got!
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